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Magic AI Kodak Preset Bundle

Easily achieve iconic film looks that have graced the pages of Vogue and National Geographic.

Recreate the magic of film in seconds using AI 

These presets will help you...

This bundle includes 4 Collections and 230+ AI Adaptive Lightroom Presets to help you drastically elevate your editing.

  • Meticulously crafted collection of cutting-edge AI Adaptive presets for targeted retouching in Lightroom. Leveraging the remarkable capabilities of Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence to do the heavy lifting for you, without spending hours on manual adjustments.
  • Seamlessly layer presets to apply unlimited enhancements to a single photo, providing endless possibilities for creative expression.
  • Achieve extraordinary image touch ups and stunning complex effects IN SECONDS
  • Reduce your editing time by 75%
  • Achieve radiant smiles, sparkling eyes, velvety skin, dramatic skies, and an array of other enhancements like adding fog, increasing bokeh, spotlighting, and much more to add depth and impact to your images.
  • Easy to install and use, making the editing process hassle-free and accessible to photographers of all skill levels.
  • Professional-grade settings integrated with AI detection, ensuring that your images receive top-notch enhancements while maintaining a natural and polished look.
  • 24/7 Support - Our dedicated and friendly team is always here providing assistance whenever you need it, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

*Note: Offered in XMP format. This collection is compatible with up-to-date versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic 12.0+, Lightroom CC 6.0+, and Photoshop 24.0+ with Camera Raw 15.0+ for Desktop.

Emulate the iconic warmth and nostalgic charm of Kodak film.

Achieve perfect masks instantly with one-click AI presets.

Retouch portraits professionally regardless of your skill level.

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Magic AI Kodak Film

Lightroom & Photoshop Preset Bundle

$$235  $47

In this toolset, you’ll get...

10 Film Emulation Presets: Film Reborn™

$79 included

Step into the golden era of photography with our curated collection of film emulation presets. Each of the distinctive film looks is meticulously crafted, ensuring versatility and a true-to-life rendition. Relive the legendary hues and character of celebrated Kodak Film Stocks, including Ektar 100, Gold 200, UltraMax 400, ColorPlus 200, and T-Max 400. A voyage back in time - digitally reimagined.

Frontier & Noritsu: Unlock the Art of Digital Scanning

$79 included

Your choice of scanner can significantly impact the character and quality of your film. That's why we include both versions in every Magic Film Preset Pack, featuring two of the photography industry's most celebrated scanning technologies: Frontier and Noritsu. Experience the nuances each brings to the table, all in one comprehensive pack.

73 AI-Powered Tools (Magic AI Film Toolkit™) The Ultimate Film Emulation Arsenal

$79 included

From the unmistakable character of pushed and pulled film to the artistry of AI Film Inspired Tone Profiles, every tool draws on the magic of analog photography. Grain settings replicate the texture of different film formats, while our AI Portrait Retouching Tools breathe life into subjects, evoking classic film portraiture. With our AI 1-Click Magic Film FX, editing reaches a whole new level. Harness the might of AI with standout tools such as “Backlight Glow” to illuminate your subjects from behind, or “Focus Magic” to bring sharpness to your subject while softening the background, making your subjects truly shine. Recreate and even elevate the nostalgic allure of film, digitally, with unparalleled authenticity.

Getting Started Tutorial + APL 3-Step Workflow™

$79 included

You'll be able to easily install and use these AI Presets thanks to the included Getting Started Tutorial. Reduce your editing time by 75% with our 3-Step Workflow and enjoy lifetime product updates and one-on-one support whenever you need it.

Yep, it's all Included! No additional purchases are required.

Transform Your Photos Instantly!

Transform Your Photos Instantly

Make specific adjustments to areas of your photo!


10 Film Looks + 73 AI & Specality Tools


Instant Digital Download


Lightroom & Photoshop

What's included?

Discover the ultimate solution to effortlessly enhance your photos! Achieving pro results in Lightroom has never been so easy, thanks to our AI Adaptive presets.

Nostalgic Feeling

Emulating Iconic Kodak Film has never been easier, bring that nostalgic feeling into any of your images with just one click.

The Art of Digital Scanning

Featuring two of the photography industry's most celebrated scanning technologies: Frontier and Noritsu. Each Film comes dual-loaded. Experience the nuances each brings to the table, all in one comprehensive pack.

Film-Inspired Tools

Digitally recreated the art of film scanning with our 8 AI Film-Inspired Tone Profiles. Push and Pull film, select from light and airy or dark and moody, and even dive into the nuances of diffused or expired film.

Portraits Perfected

Imagine transforming your portraits from 'nice' to 'stunning' at the click of a button. Achieve the perfect portrait every time with our 17 AI Portrait Retouching Presets. Enhance eyes, teeth, lips, brows, hair, and clothes all in seconds.

Deeper Emotion

Add drama to your images by harnessing AI with our standout tools that allow you to achieve a variety of targeted edits such as spotlighting, adding a backlight glow behind your subject, refocusing your subject, and boosting bokeh.

Flawless Skin

Transform skin and attain perfect retouching with ease using these 9 AI Skin presets. Achieve sun-kissed skin, add contour, smooth blemishes, and execute all of your essential skin edits instantly.


Landscapes Perfected

Elevate your images with our suite of 14 AI Background Tools, expertly crafted to refine light and color, infuse drama, and more, for that flawless edit every time.


AI 1-Click Magic Film FX

Unleash the full potential of your images with our 15 AI 1-Click Magic Film FX. Transform your photos effortlessly with a single click, from enchanting focus effects to atmospheric light manipulation.

Enhanced Skies

Recover overexposed sky, even through branches and windows, without affecting the rest of your photo.

Balanced Images

Tired of crooked photos? Clean up your images by correcting vertical and horizontal lines with one click.

Instant Masking

Instantly isolate complex areas like hair, skin, and facial features with Adobe’s advanced masking technology.


No matter your skill level - beginner or expert - with the included How-to Guide you'll be able to easily install and use these AI Presets.

Ultimate Control

AI Presets are stackable and fully customizable, allowing you to achieve perfect edits. Every time.


These presets can accomplish tasks that take hours in mere seconds. Leaving you more time to be creative.

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Introducing AI Preset Labs Magic AI Kodak Film

Where revolutionary technology meets expert knowledge. This bundle includes 83 presets of the most advanced film emulation tools you'll ever need.

With just one click, tap into the groundbreaking AI technology in Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve impeccable, professional-grade retouching every single time.

Specifically designed to replicate the art of film photography and bring that nostalgic charm to your images. Using these AI presets allows you to rapidly transform your images into timeless masterpieces.

From changing the entire mood of an image to enhancing the natural beauty, using AI masking to perfect and enhance your art.

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  • Quickly get professional results when retouching your photos.
  • Be able to make a dull photo pop.
  • Work smoothly and confidently when editing in Lightroom.

So, if you've...

Struggled to bring quality improvements to dull images in the past.

Gotten frustrated that your editing workflow is taking too long.

Thought images you love lack a professional post-editing look.'re in the right place.

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Magic AI Kodak Film Preset Bundle

Adaptive Magic AI Toolbox Lightroom Presets



Experience the ultimate breakthrough in enhancing the visual impact of your images. Achieve outstanding professional results using these intuitive and effective retouching tools.

Compatible With: Adobe Lightroom Classic 12.0+, Lightroom CC 6.0+, and Photoshop 24.0+ with Camera Raw 15.0+ for Desktop

Format: XMP

Please note that this collection requires the most recent Adobe updates to ensure optimal compatibility.

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