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✔ 8 Film Emulation Presets - 4 Film Looks processed on both Frontier™ and Noritsu™ Scanners

✔ 73 AI-Powered Tools (Magic AI Film Toolkit™) The Ultimate Film Emulation Arsenal

✔ Getting Started PDF Tutorial

✔ APL 3-Step Workflow™ - Reduce your editing time by 75%!

✔ Perfect for both beginners and professionals

 One-Time Purchase, Unlimited Use!

 Lifetime product updates and helpful customer support

 Instant Download, Instant Inspiration.

Installation & Use Requirements

The minimum software versions below are required to use our AI-Powered Presets™

Minimum software version: Lightroom Classic 12, Lightroom CC 6, Adobe Camera RAW 15.0

Minimum OS version: macOS Big Sur (version 11.0), Windows 10 (64 bit, version 20H2)

Cameras and files: Compatible with all camera brands, raw formats and jpegs.

Format: XMP


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    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets
    Magic AI Portra Film Presets

    Includes 81 presets of the most advanced film emulation tools you'll ever need.

    Film Reborn™

    ✓ 8 Film Presets

    Innovative AI-Powered Film Emulation Presets.

    Click below to see the difference

    • Portra 160

      Subtle and refined, Portra 160 offers beautifully soft, natural colors, and medium contrast, ideal for capturing the true essence of portraits and serene landscapes. Its exceptional performance in varied lighting conditions make it a top choice for photographers seeking a classic, understated look

    • Portra 400

      Vibrant and versatile, Portra 400 delivers rich, warm yet natural colors and balanced contrast, perfect for a wide range of photographic applications from detailed portraits to dynamic landscapes. Its strong performance across diverse lighting conditions solidifies it as a favored choice for photographers aiming for a timeless yet distinct aesthetic.

    • Portra 800

      Lively and robust, Portra 800 stands out with its vivid colors and enhanced contrast, ideal for low-light conditions and capturing life's spontaneous moments. Its adaptability in various lighting scenarios and ability to preserve natural skin tones make it a preferred film for photographers seeking depth and vibrancy in their images.

    • Portra 100T

      Radiant and balanced, Portra 100T excels in indoor settings with its tungsten-optimized color balance, delivering warm, accurate hues and consistent contrast. It's the ideal film for capturing the ambiance of artificial lighting, making it a cherished choice for photographers who shoot portraits and events in indoor environments.

    • SOOC

      The unedited raw capture, presented exactly as it was taken, without any post-processing or editing.

    ✓ Frontier & Noritsu: Unlock the Art of Digital Scanning

    Your choice of scanner can significantly impact the character and quality of your film. That's why we include both versions in every Magic Film Preset Pack, featuring two of the photography industry's most celebrated scanning technologies: Frontier and Noritsu.

    • Portra 160 - Frontier

      Frontier scans often have a more vibrant and bold with enhanced contrast. They exhibit cooler tones of cyan shadows, resulting in rich black points and a characteristic golden tone in the skin. They excel in delivering a punchy and vivid image.

    • Portra 160 - Noritsu

      Noritsu scanners produce a softer and lighter appearance with more precision and natural colors, making them suitable for a subtle aesthetic. Skin tones render with a more pink or peachy tone and black points are more subtle, allowing you to preserve more detail in the shadows and highlights.

    ✓ 73 AI-Powered Tools (Magic AI Film Toolkit™)

    Yep it's all Included! No additional purchases required.

    • 8 AI Film Inspired Tone Profiles

      • Pushed Film: Intensify drama with increased contrast, emulating the bold look of push-processed film.
      • Pulled Film: Achieve a softer, lower-contrast image that echoes the subtle tones of pull-processing.
      • Light & Airy Film: Infuse your photos with a bright and ethereal feel, perfect for high-key photography.
      • Dark & Moody Film: Channel the intensity of low-key lighting with deep shadows and rich colors.
      • Diffused Film: Soften details and add a gentle haze to replicate the effect of diffused light on film.
      • Expired Film: Capture the unpredictable hues and reduced contrast of film past its expiration date.
      • Dodge & Burn Film: Sculpt light and shadow to add depth and dimension just like the darkroom technique.
      • Film Restoration: Give new life to your images with colors and tones that restore the classic film look.
    • Magic-AI-Portra-before-after-Photos-64.webp__PID:1dbda6d9-49ec-4798-b465-b42ebb4b73af

      15 AI 1-Click Magic Film FX

      • Focus Magic & Focus Magic Pro: Recover missed focus by sharpening your subject and softening the background to make your subjects truly stand out.
      • Tilt Shift: Mimic the miniature effect of tilt-shift lenses for a unique perspective.
      • Edge Blur: Soften the edges of your frame for a dreamy vignette.
      • Spotlight: Draw attention to the heart of your scene with a natural spotlight effect.
      • Backlight Glow in Neutral, Warm, and Cool: Add a soft halo of light behind your subjects to enhance depth and dimension.
      • Sun Flares on the Right and Left (with and without AI Backlit): Create dynamic lighting with realistic sun flares from either side.
      • Foggy Dream: Give your photos a mystical atmosphere with a touch of mist.
      • Light Leaks: Introduce an artistic play of color with vintage-inspired light leaks.
      • Halation: Recreate the soft glow around bright light sources characteristic of film photography.
    • 8 AI Sky Enhancements

      • Soft Cinematic Sky: Cast a filmy veil over your skies, recovering overexposed skies while softening tones for that quintessential film feeling.
      • Sky Revive: Rejuvenate overexposed, dull, and lifeless skies with vibrant colors and crisp clarity.
      • Dramatic Sky: Intensify the narrative with brooding hues and striking cloud contrast.
      • Blue Sky: Infuse a classic deep blue, creating the perfect day with clear, sunny skies.
      • Pink Sky: Paint a touch of romance with a delicate pink hue for a dreamy dawn or dusk.
      • Golden Sky: Bask your sky in the warm, radiant glow of a golden hour's light.
      • Rainbow Sunset: Add a spectrum of colors to your sky to create a breathtaking end-of-day sunset.
      • Rainbow Sunset II: Enhance the magic with a second variation of a prismatic sunset, offering another dimension of awe.
    • Magic-AI-Portra-Cover-Photos-13.webp__PID:aa8f1ff2-d8e8-4ce2-8a9d-7c9128a49c2c

      17 AI Portrait Retouching

      • Velvet Skin Smoother: Achieve flawless, porcelain skin with a subtly smooth finish.
      • Bright Eyes: Illuminate the windows to the soul with a sparkle that captivates.
      • Whiten Teeth: Ensure a dazzling smile with naturally brighter teeth.
      • Dark Brows: Define and deepen brows for a powerful frame to the face.
      • Soft Glossy Lips: Give lips a luscious sheen that's both enticing and elegant.
      • Enhance Hair: Bring out the richness and texture of hair color for strikingly vivid locks.
      • Soft Silky Hair: Bestow a silk touch to hair for an irresistibly soft appearance.
      • Clothing Enhance: Bring out the details and colors of attire to complement the subject.
      • Contour Skin: Sculpt and define with subtle shading to highlight natural bone structure.
      • Contour Subject: Add depth and dimension to the overall subject for a standout presence.
      • Radiant Skin: Impart a healthy glow that seems to emanate from within.
      • Radiant Subject: Illuminate your subject with a full-body glow for an ethereal effect.
      • Sun Kissed Skin: Offer a touch of sun warmth for a fresh, back-from-the-beach look.
      • Reduce Orange Skin: Correct over-saturation to maintain natural skin tones.
      • Reduce Pink Skin: Balance out excess redness for an even complexion.
      • Reduce Green Skin: Neutralize unwanted green tints for healthier-looking skin.
    • Magic-AI-Portra-before-after-Photos-56.webp__PID:aa2475cc-9b7b-4a38-b2ec-0f83b04cd82a

      14 AI Background Adjustments

      • Pushed Film Background: Amplify the intensity with enhanced grain and contrast, reminiscent of push processing.
      • Pulled Film Background: Soften and subdue your backdrop, emulating the delicate effect of pulled film.
      • Light & Airy Background: Create a backdrop filled with light, offering a fresh and breezy feel.
      • Dark & Moody Background: Introduce a somber, contemplative mood with deeper tones and shadows.
      • Diffused Film Background: Achieve a soft-focus look that gently blurs lines and imperfections.
      • Expired Film Background: Add an artistic twist with the unpredictable color shifts of aged film.
      • Dodge & Burn Background: Artfully manipulates light and shadow to add drama and focus.
      • Film Restoration Background: Revive the classic aesthetic of vintage film with balanced hues and contrast.
      • Colorful Background: Enliven your scene with rich, vibrant colors for an energetic vibe.
      • Muted Background: Tone down distractions with subdued colors for a calm, minimalist effect.
      • Dramatic Background: Craft a powerful, emotive setting with bold shadows and highlights.
      • Ethereal Background: Give your images a dreamlike quality with airy tones and a soft glow.
      • Cinematic Background: Set the stage with the epic scale and emotion of a movie scene.
      • Soft Painted Background: Simulate the brushstrokes of a painted canvas for a delicate, artistic touch.
    • Magic-AI-Portra-Cover-Photos-29.webp__PID:9230c8b2-77ec-4f41-a900-5c3b6c34bbbe

      11 Specialty Tools & Grain Settings

      • Large Format Grain +: Subtly introduce the classic, minimal grain of large format film for a timeless feel.
      • Medium Format Grain ++: Add a touch more texture reminiscent of the beloved medium format aesthetic.
      • 35mm Grain +++: Embrace the pronounced, authentic grain structure characteristic of 35mm film photography.
      • -Reset Grain-: Revert to the original grain profile for a clean slate.
      • Lens Correction: Automatically adjust for lens-induced distortions, ensuring true-to-life images.
      • -Reset Lens Correction-: Undo corrections to return to the original lens state.
      • Dynamic Noise Reduction: Smooth away digital noise while preserving crucial details for a pristine finish.
      • -Reset Dynamic Noise Reduction-: Reset to the original noise level to maintain a raw edge.
      • Auto Transform: Effortlessly correct perspective distortions and achieve balanced compositions.
      • Auto Level: Straighten and align horizons with the click of a button for polished, professional-looking photos.
      • -Reset Auto Transform/Level-: Undo all transformations and leveling to revert to your original composition.


    What are ai tools?


    Unlike other tools on the market, our AI tools are embedded with powerful AI-adaptive masking, which means your presets now bring pinpoint precision to edits on subjects, backgrounds, and skies — WITH A SINGLE CLICK!


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    Film reborn™

    Recreate the Look of Film. Rediscover the Art of Photography. Revolutionize Your Workflow.

    Are you fascinated by the timeless beauty of film, yet equally appreciative of the conveniences of the digital age? Why choose between film and digital when you can have the best of both worlds?


    • 1. What are AI-Powered Presets and why are they different from classic presets?

      AI Adaptive Presets are one of Adobes latest additions to Lightroom & Photoshop. They are powered by AI, and they will adapt to each image. They intelligently detect and mask image attributes and apply settings precisely to different zones like Subject, Sky, Background, or People (Eyes, Lips, Teeth, Hair, Skin, Clothes, etc.) You can sync the edits across entire image sets, and the presets automatically compute appropriate masking for each individual photo.

    • 2. How do I use AI Presets?

      AI Adaptive Presets and Tools function similarly to classic presets, offering the convenience of one-click application. When utilized, these presets generate adjustable masks in your mask panel, allowing for customization according to personal preference. These tools are designed to blend seamlessly with your current workflow, enabling you to layer AI Tools and modify the opacity of each, simplifying the editing process to suit your individual style.

    • 3. Can I use AI Presets on my phone or tablet?


      Android users - Our AI Presets are available in XMP format, which can be easily imported directly into the Premium Lightroom app on any Android device.

      iOS and iPad users - You can sync AI Presets with the Lightroom Mobile App by utilizing Lightroom (CC) for desktop. Once you've installed the presets on your desktop version of Lightroom CC, they should seamlessly sync to your Lightroom Mobile App, provided that you're logged in with the same Adobe account on both platforms.

    • 4. How do I install them?

      You can find detailed instructions on how to download here

      It's easy! You'll need to download the zip file and import the XMP presets using the Presets panel in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop.

    • 5. What if I run into issues and need help?

      Our customer service team is always here to help! We provide 1:1 personalized assistance that tackles any issue you may come across while using your presets.

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